World Wine Awards of Canada 2015 Results


Welcome to the complete results of the 10th Edition of the WineAlign World Wine Awards of Canada. The name has changed over the years but the intent has always been the same – to assemble Canada’s leading palates and taste through hundreds of wines that sell somewhere in Canada for less than $50. In fact, the vast majority of this year’s entries were under $25.

​”This year we decided to take a mathematical, objective approach to the often subjective concept of value” said Bryan McCaw, Head Wineaux of WineAlign. “Using a formula developed with a Mathematics and Statistics graduate from SFU, we were able to evaluate all of the wines based on a combination of price AND score”.

A value rating was given to each wine resulting in a Gold, Silver, or Bronze value Medal.

In addition to the individual Value medal winners, we have also awarded The Outstanding Value Winery of the Year and the Top 5 Outstanding Value Wineries.

Click on the medals below to review the list of Value Medal Winners:

Gold Value Medal Winners - WWAC15Silver Value Medal Winners - WWAC15Bronze Value Medal Winners - WWAC15Outstanding Value Winery of the Year

You can also review the style and grape variety categories in which the wines were grouped and judged, presented in alphabetical order. We have provided links for every medal winning wine that will take you to the WineAlign reviews of that wine, where the numerical ratings and reviews are presented by individual WineAlign judges.

Medal winners ordered by variety:

Cabernet Sauvignon
Fortified, Fruit, Icewine
Pinot Gris/Grigio
Pinot Noir
Red Blends
Red Single Varietals
Sauvignon Blanc
White Single Varietals
White Blends

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