Results of the 2014 WineAlign World Wine Awards of Canada (The Worlds)

WineAlign World Wine Awards of CanadaWelcome to the complete results of the 2014 WineAlign World Wine Awards of Canada.

The wines were grouped in flights by price and variety and or style and the results were sliced and diced on the strength of numbers. All the large categories were tasted by price: Under $15, $15 to $25; and $25 to $50. The largest categories yielded Category Champions and Judges’ Choice selections regardless of price, in effect the best of the best. We also declared the best wine from each price category.

Categories with smaller entry numbers were considered for Judges’ Choice and best of price categories where it made sense. Each of the wines recognized were judged at least twice, if not three times, by a minimum eight judges and often by as many as twelve or sixteen.

We have also put together some top value wines by country and perhaps the most valuable list of all the very best under $15.

Search by the style and grape variety categories in which the wines were grouped and judged, presented in alphabetical order. We have provided links that will take you to the WineAlign review(s), where the numerical ratings and reviews are presented by individual WineAlign critics/judges.

WineAlign World Wine Awards of CanadaTop Value Wines

Best of Country

Category Champions and Judges’ Choice
(Results by variety and price)

Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Gris/Grigio
Pinot Noir
Red Blends
Red Single Varieties
Sauvignon Blanc
White Blends
White Single Varieties

Use the links below to access the 2014 Award Results Summary pages:

Complete list of Top Value Wines 
Complete list of Best of Country

Anthony Gismondi’s commentary on the Worlds.
Official Jason Dziver photos from the Awards
Meet the Judges here.

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WWAC 2014 Top Value Wines Filtered List
WWAC 2014 Best of Country Filtered List
WWAC 2014 Category Champions Filtered List
WWAC 2014 Judges’ Choice Filtered List

Please join us at our inaugural “Champions Tasting” to be held at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on Thursday October 16th, 2014 at 6:30pm.

Our Champions Tasting is unique compared to other tastings in that all wines being poured are “Champions” from our 2014 wine awards. These include only Platinum and Gold winning wines from the 2014 National Wine Awards of Canada, as well as, Top Value, Category Champion and Best of Country wines from the 2014 World Wine Awards of Canada.