Think You Know Wine? – Episode 8.3

Join us live on Saturday, April 2 at 5:15 p.m.

We’re breaking out of the mold and changing the rules for our popular blind tasting game show. Until recently, we have been relying on sponsors for the bottles that our intrepid blind tasters evaluate (and we are grateful for the quality wines they provided!). But, ever the independent critics, and by demand of the ‘talent’, they’re taking full control over the wines featured in the show. We feel this way we can bring even higher quality, appellation-representative wines with the WineAlign stamp of approval into the discussion, improve the collateral educational angle of the show, and ensure that you enthusiastic viewers who purchase to taste along with the crü have top-notch wines in your glasses (and give our critics a fighting chance to guess them correctly!). Each critic will choose a wine to challenge their colleagues with. Each wine, as for everything under the WineAlign banner, will be chosen for its quality, value, typicity, and availability.


To cover the costs of our radical re-write of the rules (we can’t wish those away), we ask that you put down a reasonable $12.50 per registration to unlock the secret list of wines. That’s less than a 5oz glass in a decent restaurant, a few fancy lattes, or a kilo of fresh champagne grapes, but so much more valuable! And that’s $12.50 per screen, whether you’re home alone studying for your sommelier exam, or in a house jammed full of wine lovers huddled around one screen and sharing costs. We only ask that you don’t spill the beans (to your neighbours or any of the critics, even if they beg)! 🤫 We’ll ensure that all wines will be widely available at the LCBO so you can purchase one or all of them ahead of time to taste along with those poor critics. We hope that you think this show is worth it. We sure have fun doing it.

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Episode 8.3 of “Think You Know Wine?” drops this Saturday with David Lawrason, John Szabo MS, Michael Godel, and Sara d’Amato who will take turns with the hosting duties. It’s a fun, informal (and entertaining) competition between old colleagues and good friends.

So, grab a glass, or two, of wine and join us this Saturday at 5:15 p.m.

Date: Saturday, April 2nd
Time: 5:15 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. EST
Where: Zoom. Click here to register and see the wines. 

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