D’Amato & Szabo: Wine Thieves – Ep 46: Napa Valley’s Women in Wine

Napa Valley’s Women in Wine
In this important episode, we connect with two of the many women who make up the fabric of Napa Valley’s wine trade.  We speak with Megan Baccitich, a Healdsburg native and winemaker at the forward-thinking Geodesy Winery, and Ana Diogo-Draper, born raised and educated in Portugal but in Napa for the last 15 years, and now  Director of winemaking at Artesa. We explore why discussions about women in wine are still relevant and necessary,  examine the importance of mentorship programs for women such as  the innovative WG EDGE (Women Gaining an Edge), a project led by Judy Jordan of Jordan Family of wines and founder of Geodesy. Both Ana and Megan tell their stories of how they rose to leadership roles in a historically male-dominated industry and give advice to women interested in pursuing careers in wine. We’ll look at how Napa’s wine community is supporting women in wine and the continuing need to increase the number of leadership roles held by women. Join us with a glass for a thought-provoking conversation.

This episode was created in partnership with Napa Valley Vintners. 


Napa Valley Women in Wine