D’Amato & Szabo: Wine Thieves – Ep 43:VQA Ontario Wine: The Historical Archives

VQA Ontario Wine: The Historical Archives
What do a British diplomat, a Paris wine shop owner, and a Mosel winegrower have to do with Ontario wine? Listen in to find out – they all defined or shaped Ontario’s wine industry in some way.  In this rich episode on the history of the Ontario wine industry, you’ll also hear many more legends, tales and genuine anecdotes archived from the mists of distant times in the voices of those who witnessed them. Be there for the death of labrusca wines, and the birth of an appellation system, the scourge of hungry birds and the triumphs of international awards.

With a collective experience in the wine industry of well over a century, our guests today include legendary wine writer Tony Aspler, President of Cave Spring Vineyard Len Penachetti, Stratus winemaker Jean-Laurent (“JL”) Groux, and Vineland Estates winemaker Brian Schmidt.  We’ll take a look at some of the early plantings in Niagara as well as the confluence of factors in the late 1980s that paved the way to grow the Ontario wine industry into what it is today including, GATT (the general agreement on tariffs and trade), the Wine Content Act, and the aforementioned creation of the Vintner’s Quality Alliance, or the VQA as we call it, the appellation authority in Ontario. Tariffs, trade and technicalities aside, the Thieves are most interested in the stories told by many of those that were at the forefront of this burgeoning industry. Grab a glass and listen in to what Sara and John have uncovered from the archives.

This episode was created in partnership with Wine Country Ontario although the opinions expressed are entirely those of the Wine Thieves and guests. 

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