D’Amato & Szabo: Wine Thieves – Ep 40: In Conversation with Madeline Puckette and Priya Rao

In Conversation with Madeline Puckette and Priya Rao
In our ongoing series featuring Femmes du Vin, we speak with Madeline Puckette, author, co-founder and wine education content creator of the wildly popular Wine Folly. Stemming from her own experience with formal wine education, Madeline  decided to take a rather radical departure from formalized pedagogy, working instead within a visual framework to better communicate information to a broader audience. We’ll discuss her uniquely unconventional and progressive perspective and how it translates into engaging online and on-page content.

We’re delighted to have Priya Roa on the program who is co-founder of The Social Herbivore with Master Sommelier Jennifer Huether, and is a vegan food consultant & TV host. Priya is working on the first ever vegan wine and food pairing guidebook hoping to highlight the advantages of a plant-based lifestyle. Her non-intimidating style encourages people to take small steps in a planet-positive direction.

These interviews were recorded late last fall at the start of the Femmes du Vin virtual conference series. Femmes du Vin is a grassroots women’s organization dedicated to promoting and amplifying the voices of all women in wine. For more information visit: https://www.femmesduvin.org. This is an unsponsored episode. 

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