D’Amato & Szabo: Wine Thieves – Ep 39: In Conversation with Paul Grieco

In Conversation with Paul Grieco
The Man, The Myth, The Legend. On occasion, the Thieves feature conversations with sommeliers and wine industry leaders with unique perspectives, who are great storytellers, and whose work they admire. In this episode, John and Sara speak with the one and only Paul Grieco, ‘General and Manager’ of Tribeca’s Terroir wine bar in New York City, one of the finest not only in Manhattan but in the whole U.S. Canadian born, Grieco was initiated into hospitality at his family’s restaurant La Scala, a Toronto institution from the early 60s until 1993 on the corner of Bay and Charles Street. But after almost 30 years now in New York City, Paul is a naturalized New Yorker, famous for his impassioned and unabashed opinions.

Sara and John question Grieco about New York wines in the wake of their recent series on the wines of the Empire State, and the conversation flows naturally into running a much admired wine bar, building an uncompromising wine list, the state of global wine prices, and of course, the need to have 5 Vouvrays on by the glass. It’s essential listening for anyone who operates or works in a wine-focused establishment, and entertainment for anyone who frequents them. Some explicit language punctuates much of that New Yorker conviction, so, tender listener, be forewarned! This episode is sure to prove perspective-changing as well as humorous so grab a glass of fine Finger Lakes riesling (a logical choice, as you’ll hear) and join the discussion. 

in conversation with Paul Grieco