George Brown College – Wine, Beer & Spirits Online Courses

Warm Up with Wine Online this Winter

The winter schedule of online beverage courses in the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts is now online! You can register for a variety of classes for January through March.

You will be able to work through video demos from all of the instructors. We may not be able to meet and work together on campus, but we can still work and learn together!

For each course, the instructors are filming lessons and creating a robust online experience for each class. You will be able to work through the material at your own pace, and the instructor will be available for live discussion sessions for each lesson. If you are not able to participate as scheduled, you will be able to access the recorded session later.

Available courses include:

Full-time (online)

Advanced Wine & Beverage Business Management Postgrad 

Advanced Wine and Beverage Business Management is a one-year, three-semester postgraduate program developed for industry professionals seeking an advanced level of learning focused on all aspects of the wine, spirit and beer business.

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Continuing Education (online)

Wine for Beginners

This casual Wine for Beginners course is designed for aficionados who want to take their wine knowledge to the next level. Explore the full realm of the world of wine as you learn about winemaking, tasting techniques and grape varietals.

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Wines 1

The Wines 1 course introduces you to all aspects of wine while focusing on sensory evaluation concepts. Each week, take part in a discussion about the general history and geography of a different country or region of the world as well as that area’s main appellations and grape varietals. Learn about the general characteristics and styles of wine from each region

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Wines 2

The Wines 2 course is designed to help you further your wine knowledge and tasting skills. This wine course focuses on international regions and exemplary wines while adding more detail about appellations, climate, soil types and important producers. Develop an understanding of how wine making techniques and terroir impact the typicity and overall taste and quality of the wine.

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WSET Level 1

The WSET Level 1 Award in Wines course follows the curriculum of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and provides you with an introduction to wine. 

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WSET Level 2

The WSET Level 2 Award in Wines course follows the curriculum of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Gain a thorough knowledge of wine while focusing on grape varieties and how to compare and contrast them.

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Beer 1

The Beer 1 course teaches you about beer’s raw ingredients, the beer brewing process (traditional and contemporary), distinctive beer styles, the history of beer (in Ontario and around the world) and more. Learn about a wide variety of ales, lagers, wheat beer, Belgian ales and Trappist beers.

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The Spirits course helps you build a comprehensive knowledge of distilled spirits. Learn about the factors that affect the character and quality of each spirit (such as ingredients, production method and aging process).

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