Celebrate Verdejo Day – June 12, 2020

Verdejo Cocktail Hour

Celebrate Verdejo Day on June 12th (Verdejo Day is celebrated on the second Friday every June) by joining WineAlign principal critics John Szabo and Sara d’Amato for an interactive tasting featuring white wines made from Spain’s unique, rare and refreshing verdejo variety. Sponsored by Wines from Spain, free early registration is available now for WineAlign members:

When: Jun 12, 2020 18:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Topic: Verdejo Cocktail Hour 

Cost: Free Registration in advance

After registering, you will immediately receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the tasting, along with a list of wines that will be tasted, available at the LCBO, so you can purchase in advance if you wish to taste alongside the critics. You can register at any time.

What is Verdejo?

Never heard of Verdejo? It’s not surprising as this grape variety is rarely grown outside of Spain, and most notably, in the high plains of the north-central region of Rueda. Not flocked to by tourists, this placid area is known for its vibrant wines, pine nuts and sheep’s milk cheese. Not to be confused by the Portuguese verdelho grape, verdejo has been grown in Rueda for over 1,000 years. The grape lost its spotlight until its caused was championed by Marqués de Riscal in the 1970s and later usurped palomino as the dominant grape variety in the region. Often compared to sauvignon blanc, verdejo’s wine style varies considerably from light and vivacious to rich and toasty.

What to expect

John Szabo and Sara d’Amato will take you on a virtual tour of the verdejo variety, its winemakers and its stories. They will share their top in-market picks of verdejo-dominant whites and discuss their favourite food pairings. Expect a fun and informal setting where you can interact by asking questions and taste along if you so choose. A list of the wines discussed will be provided before and after the session. Tune in, take a sip and be carried away to distant plains. We welcome you to challenge the experts and expand your wine horizons.