The Great Canadian Wine Exchange

Pulling Together for Canadian Wineries

Finally, it is time! Enjoy mixed cases from each of British Columbia, Niagara Peninsula, Prince Edward County and Nova Scotia, selected by WineAlign National Wine Awards judges who know Canada’s wines from coast to coast. There is a growing thirst for fine wines of origin that express Canada’s amazing diversity. Here are Canada’s first regional mixed cases – delivered across the country. Time to close the distance.

Check out the Great Canadian Wine Exchange

There are over 700 wineries in Canada, employing 37,000 people and generating $9 billion dollars of economic impact. With restaurants and tasting rooms closed – for now – direct to consumer shipping becomes crucial to their existence. The Great Canadian Wine Exchange will help wineries prosper, while educating Canadians about the wealth of great wine available. Try new styles and meet new winemakers in our Discovery cases, and enjoy Canada’s very best in our premium Black cases from B.C. and Niagara.

Discover the Best of Canada’s Wine Regions

Great Canadian Wine Exchange