Agency Cases – Mixed Imported Portfolio Sampler Cases

We have a fully developed and proven, Direct To Consumer (DTC) sales channel ready for your agency. Once you get set up you can be shipping wine to our warehouse is as little as two weeks.

Using our Exchange technology platform we can help you market mixed cases of imported wine to your database and ours. These portfolio samplers make it easy for consumers to try your wines without committing to a full case of the same wine. If they like a wine, they can purchase a follow-on-case in only three clicks.

The Exchange works like a pre-COVID-19 party where 12 people show up with a full case of wine they have legally purchased directly from an agency. They leave the party with a mixed case of 12 different wines. We facilitate this ‘Exchange’ party and delivery on an industrial scale. Your agency is selling wines directly to consumers, they just want it sent to our ‘party’ first.

Our Exchange technology has been proven and enhanced over the last three years. As of May 18th, 2020 we have over 150 agencies and wineries registered and have helped our partners sell over 10,500 cases of wine.

Here’s list of our Agency Case partners to give you an idea how this program looks. We can have your agency set up in less than one business day.

To get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Use this spreadsheet to submit a list of wines for your mixed case (12×1, 6×2 or 4×3) from your consignment portfolio
  2. Send us a high-resolution logo
  3. Create a catchy title for your case
  4. Make up a short marketing paragraph describing your case
  5. Register your agency on our Merchant Gateway (takes 10 minutes)

This is ALL you need to do to get set up on our Agency Case program and start marketing mixed cases of wine.

Below are more of the program’s details (which we believe to be largely devil free):

Download this PDF file for complete details on the Agency Case program.

Transactions are always DIRECTLY between you and the customer. When your offer closes you will be provided a detailed list of all customers who ordered a case. You use this list to get the wines from the LCBO and to bulk ship to our warehouse. Within 48 hours you are paid for the wines, directly by the consumer on your list. The consumer will get a branded email receipt from your agency for the case of wine they purchased directly from you.

Costs are 10% commission + HST plus on the base price (pre-tax & deposit) of the wine, plus a 2.9% processing fee on the total cost of the wine (including tax & deposit), plus $0.30/transaction. You are responsible for all shipping costs to our warehouse.

Exchange Calcs
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After everything is over you’ll get an (already paid) invoice from us for our 10% commission + HST so you can balance your accounting.

Agency cases must be sold in multiples of 12.

On top of your case price the customer will pay a $20.00+HST fee for procurement, storage, handling and repackaging. The case price the customer will see will the be the cost of your case plus our fee. Customers also pay for delivery ($17 to $25 in urban Ontario). We cannot use your delivery service.

An important part of this program is to market your case to your agency’s fans. We will provide you with a marketing link (i.e. Cru Wine Merchants). When people new to WineAlign click on your marketing link they will encounter a pop-up like this. Once they sign up for WineAlign (it’s free) they will be taken directly to your offering.

Incognito Pop Up

Finally, after getting your sampler case, if a customer likes a wine they can order a case of it from you in only three clicks via our DTC program.

Buy a Case Now

We will add your wines to our database to facilitate follow on sales. We’ll need your help in adding pictures in a timely manner and will send automated messages with instructions.

Please review the documents first. If you have any questions email [email protected].