Wine Agents Offering Free Shipping in Ontario

As an alternative to venturing out to the LCBO to stock up, you can order great wine without even leaving your home by ordering from a private wine importer. With the closure of the bars and restaurants, who in many cases, are their main customers, wine import agents are suffering greatly. If they can’t sell their wine, they don’t get paid and their employees don’t get paid. You will be helping your community by getting your wine fix – and Lord knows we can all use a glass of wine – delivered directly to your door by one of these agents in need.

What’s more, the smart ones have implemented free delivery, giving you a pain-free option without leaving the house.

If you are unsure of who the agent is for a particular wine, just search for that wine on WineAlign and the agent will be listed on the wine’s information page.

The following is a list of wine import agencies who are offering free shipping in Ontario. Please note that there may be conditions (ie minimum purchases, locations, limited time offers) on the shipping so please be sure to check when you order.

If you are looking for wine delivery we have a whole host of curated and non-curated options available through the WineAlign Exchange:

Click here for a list of wineries who are offering free shipping in Ontario.

30-50 Imports

Abcon International Wine Merchants

All the Right Grapes

Apparition Wines & Spirits

Artisanal Wine Imports

Azureau Wine Agency

Barrel Select

Bespoke Wine & Spirits

Bogie’s Best Imports (BBI)

Brand New Day

Breakthru Beverage

Brix & Mortar

Buyers + Cellars



Drink Better

Esprit du Vin

Family Wine Merchants

Galleon Wines

Gibson Family Group

Gradwell Wines (email [email protected])

Groupe Soleil Fine Wines

Heirloom Vine Imports

Kylix Wines

Le Sommelier

Lexcellent Wines (Lexwines)


Medovino Imports

Mellecey Wine Group

Mondo Wines

Mondo Vino

Nicholas Pearce Wines

Noble Estates

Nokhrin Wines

Perugini Fine Wines & Food

Profile Wine Group

Rogers and Company

Select Wine Merchants

Stem Wine Group

The Small Winemakers Collection

The Living Vine

The Vine Agency

The Wine Agents

The World Winery

TWC Imports

Vinex Global Wine Consultants (Vinexxperts)

Wilson Wines and Spirits

Woodman Wines