Exclusive 6-pack offer from Phantom Creek

You asked and we listened. There’s been a lot of interest in Phantom Creek ever since we published David Lawrason’s winery profile back in March. It was among the most impressive tastings of BC wines our critics have ever done. So, we worked with Phantom Creek to create a curated six-pack of their wines. And best of all: WineAlign members get exclusive access to complimentary shipping on this offer.

Each six-pack includes:

• 1 x 2017 Pinot Gris – 93 points, John Szabo MS ($30)
• 1 x 2017 Riesling – 91 points, Michael Godel ($30)
• 1 x 2017 Viognier – 91 points, Sara d’Amato ($40)
• 1 x 2016 Becker Vineyard Merlot ($55)
• 2 x 2016 Becker Vineyard Cuvée – 93 points, Sara d’Amato ($60)

This limited time offer is only available until July 11th.

For access to their Phantom Creek Vineyard wines – including the 2016 Phantom Creek Vineyard Cuvée, David Lawrason’s highest ever rated Canadian red wine at 95 points – join their PCV wine club by clicking here. PCV club members get guaranteed access to the limited production wines from Phantom Creek Vineyard.

This feature was commissioned by Phantom Creek Estates. As a regular feature, WineAlign tastes wines submitted by a single winery. Our critics independently, as always, taste, review and rate the wines – good, bad and indifferent, and those reviews are posted to WineAlign. We then independently recommend wines to appear in the winery profile. Wineries pay for this service. Ads for some wines may appear at the same time, but the decision on which wines to put forward in our report, and its content, is entirely up to WineAlign.