The Best of Argentina – Masterclass 12-pack

The WineAlign Exchange Presents: An Argentine Wine Masterclass 12-pack

The WineAlign Exchange is excited to offer a trip to Argentina in a box: 12 archetypal wines (Malbec and much more), selected in unanimous accord by the WineAlign crü of critics, through tastings in Argentina and at our offices. Quality in all regions of Argentina has never been higher so the pool from which to pick was deep and wide. We invite you to taste the diversity of high-altitude vineyards.

In Argentina they like to say that altitude defines a singular type of wine and indeed much of the country’s vineyards are perched at impressive heights. The gentle climb from Mendoza province’s eponymous city centre at 750 meters above sea level to the rain shadow wall of the Andes Mountains is a subtle gradation that transfers vineyard elevations up to and exceeding well over 1,000 further metres. The effect of elevation on grape growing is a highly critical component of viticultural matters.

The incomprehensible wall of beauty provided by the snow-covered Andes acts as the backdrop to much of Argentina’s vineyards in Mendoza, but there’s so much more. In the far north of the country Salta is home to 20 or more extreme vineyards carved out of desert sand and rock. In the deep south another extreme location provides the terroir in Patagonia. Grapes in Argentina thrive with the help of altitude, ocean and sun to raise much more than malbec. Impressive blocks of cabernet sauvignon, syrah, cabernet franc, pinot noir, criolla, torrontés and chardonnay are also grown. The combination of varied terroir and varietal brings great diversity to the South American nation.

The production and consumption of wine in Argentina dates back to over four hundred years to when the first specimens of Vitis Vinifera were brought to the Americas by the Spanish colonizers in the early 16th century. At the outset of the 1990s a new era began for the Argentine wine industry. With a population of 42 million inhabitants and a territory that is four times larger than France, Argentina is one of the world’s nature reserves. Privileged with outstanding natural richness and extraordinarily diverse landscapes, Argentina boasts high mountains and plains, lush vegetation and extreme deserts, forests and steppes, glaciers and waterfalls.

Today, despite a skyrocketing national inflation rate, the wine industry continues to thrive. While certainly not immune to the economic crisis, exports are growing and the wines from Argentina are evolving to meet global demands.

As with all Exchange cases, each wine is accompanied by tasting notes, recommended drink dates and food pairings. You’ll become the expert (and why not host your own Argentine wine tasting?).

These wines are not available in Ontario and quantities are limited (but if you really love one and want more, we’ll do our best to get it for you).

This one-time offer expires on May 31st. The total price for the 12-pack will be around $390 plus delivery fees. These wines are scheduled for delivery in September/October 2019.

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