WineAlign Exchange Merchant Signup

Thanks for signing up as a Merchant on the WineAlign Exchange!

You are now all set up on Stripe. To finish the setup we need to get you set up on WineAlign. Please send us an email with four pieces of information and in ‘Exchange’ we’ll send an entire dollar to your new Stripe account to make sure everything is working properly.

Stripe Account Number

Please send an email to [email protected] and let us know four things:

  1. Please copy the acct_number from the green bar above (copy the acct_ prefix as well) as we need to know your Stripe account number.
  2. Let us know which of the email address(es) that you currently use to access WineAlign that you want to have administrative powers. Please note that admins need to have a WineAlign account. If you don’t have a WineAlign account you’ll need to create one so we can assign your admin powers to it.
  3. Tell us the email address(es – we can send to multiple) you want new or follow-on case orders sent to (i.e. [email protected] ).
  4. What your estimated, pre-tax default delivery fee will be for a case purchase in Ontario. Note that you will always have the opportunity to modify the delivery fee on an order if the actual delivery fee is not your estimated default.