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Thanks for your Deposit to secure your order.

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You don’t have to do anything more at this point, we’ll take care of everything for you. Well, not quite everything, you’ll still have to grab your own glass and corkscrew when your wine arrives. 

However, if you want to know exactly what is going to happen please read on to understand the inner workings of the Exchange and the charges you will see on your credit card.

Please note that one-time purchases (i.e. Red Icons) are separate from the WineLovers Quarterly subscriptions. By purchasing a Red Icon you are not signing up for a quarterly subscription. However, the purchasing process is the same for both Exchange items.

All credit card charges through the WineAlign Exchange (WAX) will show up with the WAX prefix on your credit card statement. For every case that is processed through the WineAlign Exchange (WAX) there will be three items on your credit card:

    • WAX – Deposit: We need a $50 deposit for every case to guarantee your commitment as we are ordering a case of wine on your behalf. This charge will occur up to three months before you receive your wine. The $50 also provides flexibility if you are owed money during the reconciliation phase as we can do a simple refund on your credit card.

    • WAX – Purchase: This occurs a week or so before your wine is delivered to your door. This is your whole-case purchase directly from an agency or winery and is your ‘deposit’ into your community cellar. The price of this case may be more than the price of your mixed-case ‘withdrawal’. Don’t worry if it is more as everyone pays the same amount for their final case. Any difference in price between your whole-case deposit and your mixed-case withdrawal will be addressed during the reconciliation.

    • WAX – Reconcile & Ship: This occurs when the wine ships out from your community cellar. It consists of a refund of your original $50 deposit, a squaring up of any difference in cost between the mixed-case of wine you receive and the whole-case you purchased, our $25 curation/storage/handling fee plus the delivery costs. This will show up as a small charge or refund on your credit card. If your refund is in excess of your original deposit it will be sent as an Interac e-Transfer.

Sample Customer Statement (click on image to enlarge):

Sample Customer Statement

If you any questions about your order please contact [email protected] or visit our FAQ.