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Due to overwhelming responses to The Spanish Wine Society’s tours, four groups will travel to Andalusia in southern Spain in 2017! The Spanish Wine Society invites you to experience the historic and monumental city of Sevilla in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, while the tour will include the important important Sherry towns of Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria, and Sanlucar de Barrameda.

Group I – May 17 – May 28
Group II – May 30 – June 10
Group III – August 29 – September 9
Group IV – September 10 – September 21

All tours will begin in Sevilla and finish in Jerez de la Frontera – 11 delightful nights!

For prices and to book your reservation please see below, or email Barry Brown at [email protected].


Our adventure commences in magnificent Sevilla where we will be staying for 3 nights at the opulent and breathtaking Hotel Alfonso XIII, built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 – truly a work of art.

Experience Sevilla’s rich history, art, and architecture on our guided walking tours, which will include the spectacular Cathedral of Sevilla, the Real Alcazar, the royal residences, the 16th century Ayuntamiento (City Hall) where Velazquez’s art hangs, and buildings adorned with works by Zubaran, Murillo and Valdes Leal.

Cuisine also occupies a significant place within our adventure. As well as our welcoming banquet in the grand dining room of the Alfonso XIII, we will taste cultural culinary specialties during tapas sojourns and dinners redolent with local flavours.

And Sevilla (and Jerez) is where you find the soul of flamenco — guitar, dance, and singing. We will experience a flamenco performance that will be both artistic and intense.

Jerez de la Frontera: Sherry – the vinous jewel

Jerez de la Frontera is the capital of the Sherry region. While a modern town…a turn down this lane and a quick left there…and you are whisked to centuries long gone. In Jerez we will reside at the charming Hotel Sherry Park.

In Jerez, we are invited to the grand Consejo Regulador — the Regulatory Counsel for Sherry and Brandy de Jerez — for an educational introduction to the region and the wine. We will then discover Jerez via an informative guided walking tour of the town, and we will tour, taste, and dine in artisan bodegas to experience how Sherry is created in its various remarkable styles.

Gonzalez Byass: experience an illuminating seminar and tasting at this venerable and architecturally notable bodega established in 1835. Dinner in the bodega will follow, which will include the family’s red wines from their Bodegas Beronia in Rioja and their superb red from Bodegas Finca Moncloa. Lepanto Brandy de Jerez Gran Reserva after dinner—assuredly!

Gonzalez Byass

Bodegas Fernando de Castilla: On a much smaller and charming scale we will participate in a tour and tasting, including the bodega’s range of stunning Brandy de Jerez. A hearty Andalusian lunch in the bodega will follow, during which we will also be poured the bodega’s red wine, Bodegas Huerta de Albala.

Bodegas El Maestro Sierra: established in 1830, the regal 91 year old matriarch Doña Pilar Pla remains at the helm of this most special place. Her Sherries are remarkable, with great presence and persistence throughout the Sherry styles.

Bodegas Valdespino: creates some of Jerez’s most focused if not fabled Sherries. Valdespino Sherries are regularly aged for extended periods in barrel resulting in wines of great depth and character. A tour and an educational tasting will be followed by dinner in the bodega.

Bodegas Tradicion: while originally established in 1650 by the Rivero family, this bodega achieved great fame in the 19th century and was invigorated in the 1990s by descendent Joaquin Rivero who, with the great Jose Ignacio Domecq, established one of the most “traditional” and remarkable boutique Sherry bodegas. During our tour and structured tasting, we will view Sr. Rivero’s art collection which includes, Zubaran, Valazquez, Hiepes, Valdes Leal, Goya and more. Lunch in the bodega will follow.

We will also see a performance of the Carthusian horses or “Cartujanos” at the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre and visit El Palacio de Tiempo (The Palace of Time or The Clock Museum) where you can expect significantly more than just clocks!

El Puerto de Santa Maria

Bodegas Gonzalez Obregon: seemingly more an ancient, delightful tavern than a bodega – the Sherries are superb!

Bodegas Gutierrez-Colosia: established in 1838 at the mouth of the Guadalete River, ensuring sufficient humidity and cool sea breezes, creates a different style of superb Sherries. After a tour and tasting – a welcoming lunch in the bodega.

Bodegas Gutierrez-Colosia


Sanlucar de Barrameda 

Sanlucar de Barrameda is where the elegant and delicious Manzanilla is created in this unique, more humid micro-climate at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River on the Atlantic.

Bodegas Barbadillo: established in 1821, we will experience their superb range of Manzanilla Sherries and their historic and bone dry Amontillado, Palo Cortado, and Oloroso, and the lusciously sweet PX.

From Sanlucar, there is a short drive to the vast and protected nature reserve of dunes and wetlands, the Doñana Park to witness the rare vegetation, birds, and animals that find refuge there.

Before returning to our hotel in Jerez, we will  enjoy fresh and superbly prepared seafood, that was still in the sea just a few hours (or minutes!) prior at Casa Bigote – seafood paradise. Manzanilla will be served!

And the cheeses (quesos) of Andalusia are artisanal and delicious. We will also experience a focused Sherry and Queso tasting illustrating the perfect matches created.

Casa Bigote

Cost of the Tour

Airfare is not included. The cost includes:

• accommodation at the Alfonso XIII and Sherry Park
• welcoming banquet at Alfonso XIII
• all breakfasts and lunch or dinner
• Restaurant meals
• flamenco performance
• all guided tours
• the presentation at the Consejo Regulador of Jerez
• admission fees to all historical sites and museums
• admission to the Royal Equestrian performance and Palacio del Tiempo
• all bus and taxi transfers
• bodega tours, tastings, and meals at the bodegas

Cost for double occupancy 3222 Euros per person.

Single Supplement 290 Euros.

A non-refundable deposit of 940 Euros is required to confirm your reservation.

For further information, or for Reservation Forms, contact Barry Brown at 416 927 9464 or [email protected].


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What the writers say:

“Thank you for sharing your energy and vision and for originating the most fun trip we have taken anywhere in this decade. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.” –  Jim and Carol White, International Food and Wine Writers, Napa California

“Perhaps no one in North America has a better grasp and understanding of the soul of Spanish wine making than Barry Brown. I have seen the itinerary. This tour will be memorable.”  – Tony Aspler, Wine Educator, Writer and Author

“The Spanish Wine Society is under the direction of the quixotic Spanish wine lover Barry Brown who travels, eats and drinks Español at every opportunity. His annual Spanish wine tours are considered pivotal life experiences by those who have signed on.”  – David Lawrason, WineAlign, Wine Educator, Toronto Life Magazine