Why Zalto Wine Glasses?

Taste like a Pro with Zalto

“Zalto glasses are in my view the finest on the market. Perfectly balanced, ultra elegant, and just a sheer joy to use.”John Szabo, MS

“The finest, thinnest stem I have ever used. Delicate, elegant, incredibly light and a pleasure to hold.”Sara d’Amato

Sara d'Amato

“What I love is that Zalto glasses are the thinnest and most delicate glasses I have come across, yet seem springy and almost elastic in the hand. Best of all, the manufacturers say they are best washed in a regular dishwasher. They are cheaper than many of Riedel’s top models and would give any serious wine lover a real thrill over the closeness of contact they offer.” – Jancis Robinson, MW

“In the same way great music sounds better with great speakers, great wine tastes better in great stemware.”Bryan McCaw, Head Wineaux, WineAlign

We use Zalto glasses in the WineAlign offices and we love them. Once you use a Zalto, you will not want to use anything else. What makes Zalto special?

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What makes Zalto special…
Zalto lead-free glassware is the most exciting range of wine glasses to hit the market in decades. The more delicate the glass, the more pleasurable is it to drink from and Zalto produces stemware that seems to almost disappear in the hand, bringing you closer to the wine. They are a feat of glass blowing and design genius. They are indeed finer than any other glass on the market, yet they are also far more robust, more elastic and therefore more resilient than you would expect, a result of them being lead-free (most crystal is lead crystal). Zalto glasses therefore do not leach lead, a problem that is getting more and more attention and they are dishwasher friendly as they are flexible and will not cloud. This gives them the ability to be used as an everyday glass that not only looks terrific but also functions extremely well.