If I Could Buy Only One – Jan 19th, 2019 VINTAGES Release

For the Jan 19th VINTAGES release, we asked: “If you could buy only one wine from this release – which one would it be and why?”

David Lawrason: There are some regions I would never want to be without in my personal stash for anytime drinking – as long the examples are classic and delicious. One of course is pinot noir from just about anywhere. Another is Tuscan red. And another is southern Rhone. The Xavier Vignon Lirac 2016, Rhone Valley, France ($22.95) would be a shoe-in by the case –  a well made grenache-based blend from a seldom seen right bank appellation more famous for its roses. There is a solid underpinning without it being austere or too tannic. It has a pretty, plummy nose with well-placed florals, spice and anise. The length is excellent. Rivals Chateaunneuf-du-Pape, if with a more firm structure. Tasted Jan 2019

Xavier Vignon Lirac 2016

John Szabo: It seems there’s still a lingering, prevailing belief that whites wines are necessarily less complex than red wines, and thus ultimately inferior. It’s of course nonsense. Red wines often have that extra dimension of tannins, but top whites can be just as, if not more complex and age worthy, than many reds. A case in point is the

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