The April 2016 Cellier – 2nd release

The SAQ’s latest Cellier release will be in the stores April 7th but limited quantities will be available on pre-release at as of March 31st. 

Which wines are worth your interest ? Here are Bill and Marc’s suggestions.

Bill Zacharkiw

From lighter reds to the more powerful, I have five strong recommendations from this 2nd Cellier release. On the lighter side of the spectrum, both the Nicolas Grosbois 2014 Cuisine de ma Mère Chinon and the Clos de Mez 2011 La Dot Fleurie offer up great fruit, aromatics and infinite drinkability. Need a true crowd pleaser? The Bibbona 2014 Insoglio del Cinghiale is modern Tuscany done with due respect to tradition.

Nicolas Grosbois La Cuisine De Ma Mère 2014 Clos De Mez Fleurie La Dot 2011 Campo Di Sasso Insoglio Del Cinghiale 2014

If you love the classics, then look no further than the formidable Compania Vinicola del Norte 2009 Imperial Gran Reserva. This will live for decades more and is one of the best Rioja I have tasted of late. Nebbiolo fans are also in for a treat. Make sure you try the very classically styled Paolo Conterno 2013 Langhe Nebbiolo A Mont.

Marc Chapleau

I am in complete agreement with Bill on three of his selections. First, the Chinon 2014 from Grosbois, an organic grown red from the Loire which is both textured and tightly wound, with an exceptional purity of fruit. I’m also in agreement with Mr. Zacharkiw for the Langhe 2013 from Paolo Conterno, robust and tannic, like we like them. Finally, I also appreciate the atypical Tuscan, Insoglio 2014, which reminds me of a French-grown syrah.

Imperial Gran Reserva Rioja 2009 Paolo Conterno Langhe Nebbiolo A Mont 2013 Le Miccine Carduus 2010

I would add, returning to Tuscany, the Le Miccine Carduus 2010 Merlot. Tannic and with a solid dose of oak, which at 5 years of age is starting to show the beginnings of the tertiary notes, a sign of evolution.

Good shopping !

The 2016 Easter Cellier – 1st release

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