Introducing a new Mobile Version of WineAlign

We’re pleased to announce that our new Mobile Version of WineAlign is now available.

LoginBased on the feedback from our recent (and ongoing) member survey we now better understand the need for an improved mobile experience. So we’ve decided to accelerate the release by making this version available today. Yes, it’s still BETA – but we believe it’s quite good and we’ve been enjoying it for the last month.

The website,, has been optimized for the mobile browsing experience and is ideally suited for use while you are shopping for wine at the LCBO, SAQ, or BC Liquors Stores.

The site is bilingual and supports shoppers across Canada.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to bookmark this site on your mobile phone and then access it like an app.

Mobile WineAlign1-ListMobile Details

Okay, so how do you access our new mobile site on your phone?  It’s super simple:

Point your phone’s browser to or

Login to site using your WineAlign credentials.

Steps illustrated below (iPhone):

1) Select the Share icon at the bottom of your screen

2) Click on Add to Home Screen

3) WineAlign Icon will show up on your device


Click on image for larger version

Steps for Android: 

Point your phone’s browser to or

Login to site using your WineAlign credentials.

Follow the same steps above and create a bookmark/link/icon on your screen.


Click on image for larger version


Click on image for larger version

Note: If are accessing the regular WineAlign site via your phone you should logout of that first before attempting to bookmark the new site.

FREE apps are coming for Apple and Android!

We are currently working on incorporating this new site into a downloadable application but it’s not quite ready yet. We know you’ve heard this from us before. The fact is that it’s a massive job to write applications from scratch for each of the mobile platforms. We started down that path several years ago and had released an Apple app and had an Android app in beta testing. When Apple upgraded their mobile operating system last year it broke our app and the cost to fix the app was almost more than what it cost to develop it in the first place. At that time we decided to pull the Apple app and find a better approach.

Luckily in the four years since we started down the mobile development path the tools to build mobile apps have advanced light years.  We’re now using those tools and our highest priority project is incorporating our new mobile site into apps for Android and Apple. The new app will include bar-coding support and it will be FREE. Our Shop & Scan app should be ready for major platforms in the next year.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new Mobile Version of WineAlign. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop us a note at [email protected]