WineAlign Launches Chacun Son Vin in Quebec

Chacun Son Vin, a new website on wine is launched today in Quebec! will be Quebec’s most comprehensive guide for purchasing and evaluating wines

Montreal, Quebec — (April 2nd,  2014) – WineAlign, Canada’s largest community based service for reviewing, sharing and discovering wine, is proud to announce the launch of its Quebec website under the name Chacun Son Vin. With the addition of Quebec, WineAlign/Chacun Son Vin will become the reference for wine purchases in Canada’s major wine markets.

Final_ChacunSonVinQuebec-based wine writers Marc Chapleau, Nadia Fournier, Bill Zacharkiw and Rémy Charest will be joining WineAlign’s team of Canada’s most respected wine critics as principle collaborators for the website.

“We understand how important it is to create a “made in Quebec” site, and not simply an extension of WineAlign.” says Bryan McCaw, President of WineAlign. “While it follows a similar formula that made us a success in Ontario, it has its own name, its own identity and its own writers. By creating a team of Quebec’s most respected wine writers, we feel we have created the right foundation to build upon in Canada’s top wine market.”

“For French speaking wine lovers of Quebec,” he continued, “Chacun Son Vin provides a comprehensive wine resource in their own language, including reviews of the latest wines, educational articles, and a place to exchange their thoughts on wine in their own language.”

Wine lovers will be able to choose which language or languages they wish to use on the site. French only, French/English Quebec only, or have access to the entire community and wine writers across Canada. The community will be as large as those using the site want to it to be.”

How Chacun Son Vin works

Chacun Son Vin is the ultimate service for making informed buying decisions at your local SAQ. Use it before you shop by reading reviews of the latest SAQ Cellier releases, or while standing in the store aisle with your mobile device. It aligns current store inventory, professional critical ratings and reviews, your budget, your food choices, your taste preferences and those of your friends.

It is also a practical site with articles written by Quebec and Canada’s top wine writers, and has available valuable tools to manage your own cellar and inventory. It is also a social site that enables you to share information and discuss wine recommendations with friends and other Chacun son vin members.

 The Quebec team

Chacun son vin Tema.

Chacun son vin Team

Bill Zacharkiw has been the weekly wine columnist at the Montreal Gazette since 2007. His articles are carried throughout Canada via the Post Media network of newspapers. Over his 25 years in the wine industry, from sommelier to critic, Bill has garnered a reputation for his irreverent take on the wine world.  “I was honoured to be asked to be part of such a great team. But even more, to be part of what WineAlign has achieved – a dynamic website where people can not only get information, but add their own opinions. The future of wine criticism is about a conversation, not simply wine critics telling others what to drink. Chacun Son Vin will hopefully enable this conversation.”

Nadia Fournier recently took over from Michel Phaneuf as lead writer for Le Guide du Vin Phaneuf, Quebec’s oldest and most trusted wine review guide which was first published in 1981. Aside from Le Guide du Vin, Fournier also has a monthly column in the French language news magazine L’Actualité.  “Chacun Son Vin is about bringing people together with a diversity of opinions, all working towards a common goal: helping others find the perfect wine for their tastes.” says Fournier. “I’m really excited to be joining this new community of wine lovers.”

Wine critic, author and editor, Marc Chapleau has been involved with the Quebec wine scene since 1985. He has written for a number of publications including le Guide Hachette des vins, Voir, Affaires Plus, Vins & Vignobles, Wine Tidings and most recently, was Editor in chief of the award winning magazine, Cellier.  “Wine is about sharing, and that is what Chacun Son Vin is all about – wine lovers sharing tasting notes and recommendations,” says Chapleau. I can’t wait to add my thoughts, and my recommendations to this new community.”

Rémy Charest has been writing about wine and food since 1997, for publications such as Le Devoir, Coup de Pouce, Châtelaine, Le Journal de Montréal and Cellier, among others. He is a regular contributor to Radio-Canada’s national radio show about food and wine, Bien dans son assiette, and is on the editorial board of US-based online magazine Palate Press.  “I’m very happy to help bring to Québec what WineAlign has accomplished in the rest of Canada, and I’ll be particularly glad to work on the social media side of things, which is a great way of creating a conversation around wine.”