Season 4, Round 6: “So, You Think You Know Wine?”

Will First Impressions Win the Day?

Watch the competition progress as the very confident Raiders of the Lost AOC take on the much more humble Inglorious Bitters. Will first impressions finally win the day? This is the last chance for these teams to improve their scores before we move into Round 7 semi-finals.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and watch to see which team will come out on top.

Click here to watch Round #6, or read on for highlights from the last round.

Raiders of the Lost AOC

Inglorious Bitters

Highlights and Score from Round #5

Last time on SYTYKW, Whole Bunch Press and The Good, The Bad, and the Blind were practically mirror images of each other in their discussions of the wine. The same grape varieties and regions were tossed around by both groups – riesling, chenin blanc, pinot gris, Alsace, Loire Valley, South Africa.

In the end, Whole Bunch Press decided, incorrectly, that the wine was a chenin blanc from Vouvray in the Loire Valley, France. The Good, The Bad, and The Blind also considered chenin blanc, but “because of reasons of the colour, the late harvest aspect, the residual sugar, the opulence and unctuousness of this wine,” correctly concluded that Paul Zinck Eichberg Riesling 2009 was indeed a riesling from Alsace, France. David Lawrason defended the opposing team’s guess by saying, “Acidity is the key to the variety. It could either be riesling or chenin blanc with that acid level.”  And, higher sugar levels can make the grape difficult to pinpoint, as Anthony Gismondi stated, “Sugar offsets the acidity.  You can get muddled very easily.”

The scoring remains the same as past episodes, with points for Variety, Country, Region, Appellation and Vintage, and a little less emphasis on Price this season. Here’s how the teams stand after 5 rounds:

So, You Think You Know Wine Scorcard

Season 4

For those of you new to our video series, “So, You Think You Know Wine?”, we have saved all previous episodes under the Video tab. Season 4 is a departure from the previous critic-against-critic challenge of past seasons. This time the competition has a game show/family feud feel with tasters battling against each other in teams, rather than individually. As always, the competitors have the daunting challenge of identifying the wine with only their nose, eyes, and palate – no other clues are given.

We hope that you find this new format entertaining and that you have as much fun watching as we did filming. As usual, please send your comments to [email protected] and feel free to share this video with your friends and family.

So, You Think You Know Wine?

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