Season 4, Round 2: “So, You Think you Know Wine?”

The Value of First Impressions

WineAlign is pleased to launch a new season of “So, You Think You Know Wine?”. Season 4 is a departure from the previous critic-against-critic challenge of past episodes. This time the competition has a game show/family feud feel with tasters battling against each other in teams, rather than individually.  As always, the competitors have the daunting challenge of identifying the wine with only their nose, eyes, and palate – no other clues are given.  Click here to watch Round #2, or read on for highlights from last round.

Episode 4.2 "So, You Think You Know Wine?"

Highlights and Score from Round #1

Last time on SYTYKW, Anthony, Janet, and Rhys of Whole Bunch Press, were confident with their first impressions and did not waver the entire round, while John, Sara, and Steve of Raiders of the Lost AOC, started down the same Chardonnay path, but unfortunately strayed from their first instincts.  In the end, Whole Bunch Press just about nailed the California Square Chardonnay 2012 to score the most points and come out victorious.

The teams debate the characteristics of each wine to come to a consensus as to what they think the wine is and their conclusions are submitted to Amil in writing.  Each team then announces their decision and the wine is revealed. The scoring on each wine remains similar to past episodes with points for Variety, Country, Region, Appellation and Vintage, and a little less emphasis on Price this season.

Scorecard "So, You Think You Know Wine?"

Round #2

You’ll soon find out that team work has many advantages, and also a few disadvantages.  As the season progresses the teams start to gel and we iron out a few kinks.  Round #2 sees Inglorious Bitters face off against The Good, The Bad, and The Blind.

Pour yourself a glass of wine and Watch Round #2 here.

Inglorious Bitters; So, You Think You Know Wine?

Inglorious Bitters: Bill Zacharkiw, Treve Ring, Zoltan Szabo

The Good, The Bad, and the Blind; So, You Think You Know Wine?

The Good, The Bad, and the Blind: David Lawrason, DJ Kearney, Brad Royale, with referee Amil Niazi

We hope that you find this new format entertaining and that you have as much fun watching as we did filming. As usual, please send your comments to [email protected] and feel free to share this video with your friends and family.

So, You Think You Know Wine?

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