Maclean’s launches “Wine in Canada”; Special Offer for WineAlign Members

Wine in Canada – a tour of our country’s finest wine regions

To celebrate the passion, ingenuity and achievement of Canadian winemaking, Maclean’s has spent the past 12 months to develop “Wine in Canada”, the first annual national publication that takes Canadians on a tour of our country’s finest wine regions, their latest releases, innovative pioneers, hottest trends and hidden gems.

MacLean's "Wine in Canada"

Contributed by some of Canada’s leading sommeliers, including John Szabo MS, Rhys Pender MW, Kurtis Kolt, Treve Ring, and Erin and Courtney Henderson, “Wine in Canada” brings together the land, the people, the culture, the wine and the food through colourful photography and vivid articulations.

“WineAlign readers know that I take Canadian wine seriously. I’ve watched the industry boom over the past couple of decades, evolving from local curiosity to world-recognized wine producer. Maclean’s, one of the nation’s leading news media, has also identified Canadian wine as worthy of a critical and investigative eye – an important addition to our business and cultural landscape, and a sign of its coming of age. With two WineAlign team members consulting on the project, BC’s Treve Ring and myself, you can be sure that, from coast to coast, no stones were left unturned.” John Szabo MS

Raising Awareness

Together with industry partners, Wine Country Ontario and Wines of British Columbia, Maclean’s is committed to raising awareness of Canada’s wine and wine tourism industry. It has never been a better time to share the inspiration and potential of our Vineland.

MacLean's "Wine in Canada"“This was a great project to work on, the first to cover the Canadian wine scene from so many perspectives. From travel, tourism and local gastronomy, to the history and future of Canadian wine, its hard business realities, who the current movers and shakers are, and of course the most representative, currently available bottles from every wine producing region, this is a brilliant and timely resource for anyone with even a passing interest in locally grown wines, up to the die-hard supporters.” John Szabo MS

Special Online Offer

WineAlign members are invited to join this journey of discovery and savour the joy in each glass with Maclean’s.

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