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As a leading destination for wine lovers, WineAlign has added a new dimension to your interactive experience. Now, in addition to our regular critic reviews and feature articles, we have invited Ontario’s wine writing community to join our ‘crew’.  (Scroll to the bottom to see this week’s Featured Cru Member)

WineAlign CRU

The Cru, which is what we’ve named our community, can be accessed directly from the WineAlign site. (You may have already noticed the addition of  ‘Our Cru’ on the page banner.) The people who make up our Cru are a selection of WineAlign bloggers and members whose passion for wine, food and travel caught our attention as we hope it will yours.

Sara d'Amato

Sara d’Amato

To keep things running smoothly, WineAlign’s Sara d’Amato will act as the curator for the Cru page. She will work diligently to choose topics that are fresh and varied. We will feature new articles on a daily basis, so we hope that you will visit regularly to pick up some great tips and stories from this dedicated group of wine writers and bloggers who share your passion and interests.

Welcome to our Cru!

WineAlign Cru MembersIn December alone, WineAlign had over 185,000 unique visitors, so you can imagine how exciting it is for our Cru Members if even a fraction of you take the time to have a look at what they’re doing. We’re sure that they will be anxious to impress as evidenced by the quality of articles that they have already posted.

Have a look at the recent articles and let us know what you think. Then check back frequently for new articles and featured writers. To find out a bit more about our Cru, you can check out their profile pages by clicking their picture in the Members section.

If you are a member and wine blogger and you want to join our Cru, please send an email to: [email protected]. (Please note that we are looking for Ontario bloggers – for now!)

Please note that our ‘Cru’ is made up of both amateur wine writers and professionals alike who report on their local wine scene, food and travels. Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of WineAlign.

This Week’s Featured Cru Member – April 5, 2013

Over the next few months we will be using this space to introduce you to some of our Cru Members.

Krista Lamb

This week’s Featured Cru Member:
Krista Lamb

Krista Lamb is a journalist turned communications professional who recently discovered her passion for wine. Her blog, Upkeep, explores ‘wine, body and soul’ as she writes about her experiences embarking on this wine adventure. As a confirmed newbie to the wine scene you won’t find expert opinions on her site, but you will find virtual wine tours, reviews of fun things for wine lovers to do and reports on what she’s been drinking – all through the eyes of someone new to vino.

Now that she’s a wine student, working towards her Wine Specialist certification, you might even find a few more tasting notes on her site as she starts to get the hang of how to write them.

You can read Krista’s most recent Cru article here, or see all of her posts on her Upkeep.