So, You Think You Know Wine? Semi-Final Round ~ Ep#2-8 Cateña Malbec 2008

The round robin is over and it’s time semi-final time.   In the semi-finals two participants are eliminated and only the winner advances to the final.

During the six rounds of the round-robin each critic participated in three tastings to determine their ranking.Ranking After Six Rounds

As a result of finishing first, John went up against Jennifer and Sara in the first semi-final.  In the first semi-final Sara bested the two masters (although one should never count John out) and has advance to the final.  The second semi-final features David, Zoltan and Steve. Zoltan and David finished well ahead of Steve in the scoring.  Who will advance to compete against Sara in the final? Click here to find out.Semi-Final Line Ups

In the semi-finals the scoring remains the same as does our lovely host Amil Niazi.

There are four parameters the critics are scored on for up to 10 points per wine :
• Varietal = up to 3 points for varietal or style
• Location = up to 3 points (2pts for Country and 1pt for Region)
• Vintage = up to 2 points (2pts for exact year, 1pt for +/- 1 year)
• Price = up to 2 points (2pts for +/- 2.5% of price, 1pt for +/- 10% of price)

To see who survives and goes on to the final click here or on the image below.

So, You Think You Know Wine - Episode #2-8

So, You Think You Know Wine - Episode #2-8

This episode features the Cateña Malbec .

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