Happy Birthday to us – three years today!

It’s been three years since we launched way back on Dec 10th, 2008.

For those of us behind the scenes, WineAlign remains an exciting project and we continue to grow, rapidly.  We now have over 26,000 users.   In 2011 we’ve been growing at an average rate of almost 6% per month.   In December we will have over 100,000 visitors to our website.

Monthly Growth

Monthly Visitors Growth

In the last month we have had almost 70,000 different people visit our site.

Google Analytics: 09Nov11 to 09Dec11
Google Analytics: 09Nov11 to 09Dec11
Recently, we were pleased to discover that the popular web-ranking tool Alexa, had ranked us as the 3rd largest wine website in Canada.  We only trail the massive provincial monopolies in Ontario and Quebec.
Canadian Wine Sites Ranking

Source Alexa.com, Dec 10th, 2011

As always, we continue to be amazed at the passion our users have for wine and for WineAlign.   Acting on their suggestions and ensuring that WineAlign meets their needs remains our highest priority.

I want to thank our users, critics, bloggers, developers and advertising partners for helping to make WineAlign a success.

Tonight I’m going to celebrate with a glass (who am I fooling… a bottle) of great wine!


– Bryan