Canadian Wine Site Rankings – We’re Number Three! (and we’re okay with that)

The following list was compiled Dec 6th, 2011 using a popular web-ranking tool:   According to Alexa, WineAlign is the third largest wine website in Canada.   Only the massive provincial monopoly sites in Ontario and Quebec have more visitors.  This has already caused celebrations with the WineAlign contributors (as if we need an excuse to celebrate).

The top five wine sites in Canada are:

1) (Canada Rank: 1,141)
2)  (1,164)
3) (4,260)
4) (6,449)
5) (7,770)

Below are the top 43 sites in Canada.

Canadian Web Wine Ranking  6Dec11

Canadian Web Wine Ranking 6Dec11 - Source

Source:, Dec 6th, 2011