So, You Think You Know Wine? Season Two – The Tournament Episode #2-2

Welcome to episode two of season two of “So, You Think You Know Wine?” – The Tournament.  Join our critics as they rise to a blind tasting challenge to identify the grape, country, region, year and price of the mystery wine.  Season two is in a tournament format, with six preliminary rounds for ranking and two elimination semi-finals leading to a championship round.

We’ve increased the number of participants from four to six.  Back from season one are David Lawrason, John Szabo MS, Steve Thurlow, Sara d’Amato and host Amil Niazi who are now joined by master sommelier Jennifer Huether and sommelier Zoltan Szabo.

We’ve also introduced a formal scoring structure of up to 10 points for a wine.  There are four parameters the critics are scored on:
• Varietal = up to 3 points for varietal or style
• Location = up to 3 points (2pts for Country and 1pt for Region)
• Vintage = up to 2 points (2pts for exact year, 1pt for +/- 1 year)
• Price = up to 2 points (2pts for +/- 2.5% of price, 1pt for +/- 10% of price)

Episode 2-2 features the Perrin Réserve 2009 from the Côtes Du Rhône region of France.  The Perrin Réserve is a common Southern Rhône blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre (GSM).

Click here to see the episode two of “The Tournament”.

So, You Think You Know Wine - Episode #2-2

So, You Think You Know Wine - Episode #2-2