Yellow Tail Bubbles

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Brilliant pale straw colour with a generous mousse of fine bubbles; forward aromas of ripe apple and pear, with citrus notes underlying; Fresh, crisp flavours of ripe apple and citrus; Medium bodied, with a medium length finish. Serving Suggestion Serve with casual outdoor fare, as an aperitif or mixed with fresh fruit juices.
86 pts
April 04, 2008

Critic Reviews (1)

Steve Thurlow
Steve Thurlow

Good inexpensive bubbles with a good persistent mousse and a novel resealable plastic stopper. Expect mild aromas of...

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Community Reviews (1)

Edward Rasiulis
Edward Rasiulis

Description: Medium straw colour with fine mousse and medium intensity

Positives: This is a vast improvement over past Yellow Tail Bubbles & not only the nicer label & bottle, but the nose & taste. The mousse is fine & lasting. The nose has nice aromas of white flowers, apples, lemon/lime & a little biscotti. The taste is easy to drink & will do well mixing with fruit juices or drinking in its own. The taste has pear, sweet peach, mango & lemon/lime.

Negatives: The taste is weaker than the nose, but Yellow Tail is going in the right direction.

Interesting Things: With the new bottling there is a new reusable top that I really like, so if you need to cork it & still have the carbonation later, just use their top. Drink now on its own or with Sunday brunch or with gelato.

Tasted: 25 Sept 11

Score: 8.5/10, Value: 9.5/10, Total: 18/20

Out of 5 stars, I rated this wine: 3.5

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