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Sparkling White Sparkling White

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Pale yellow colour; light apple & melon with a hint of yeast; soft, off-dry fruit flavour with a crisp finish

Serving Suggestion
Aperitif; spicy foods

Also 375ml LCBO ID: 40469
and 1500ml LCBO ID: 161711


Critic Reviews (3)

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Community Reviews (3)

Sue Sterling
Sue Sterling

Med. straw colour. Low intensity nose of pear, powdered hard candies, red apple, talc, and a hint of citrus.

Dry to off-dry, light body, med. acidity. Red apple skin, citrus peel, pear, and mineral. Refreshing.

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Brad Royale
Brad Royale

A creamy nose with brown mushroom, sugared donut, sweet corn husk and graham cracker. The palate is quite soft, even juicy, with a reasonable bubble structure allowing notes of tofu and orange peel to float around your tongue. A fair offering from this sparkling giant.

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Great value for money. The tried and tested Sparkling Wine.

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