J.P. Chenet Classic Cabernet Syrah 2007

J.P. Chenet Classic Cabernet Syrah 2007 Bottle

Syrah Syrah
Languedoc-Roussillon, France

$10.95 (90472)

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Sue Sterling
Sue Sterling

Clean, youthful nose. Baking spice, i.e. cinnamon, cloves, stewed fruit, white pepper.
Dry, med. body, med. acidity, med. tannin. Cloves, cooked dark fruit, herbs, cedar. Med. alc., long length. Very good quality for the price. Drink now.

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Beautiful ripe red berry in a medium to full body. Some spicy pepper. This wine opens further with some decanting and may even benefit from a bit of aging. Quite tannic. Would be very good with hearty fare, not really a sipper.

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