Colio Estate Shiraz/Cabernet VQA

Cabernet/Shiraz Cabernet/Shiraz
Ontario, Canada

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Discontinued at LCBO
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April 04, 2008

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Gary Killops
Gary Killops

Fire up the grill and opena bottle of Colio's Shiraz Cabernet, I'm ready for a good time. Sounds a bit like an Allen Jackson song.

Big berry taste to starts. Blackberries and cherry fruit notes. Some spice.

Note a little bit of a musty taste. No the wine wasn’t corked and actually added another complexity to the wine.

This is a medium bodied wine, not too heavy. While only oaked 8 month the oak taste is noticeable on the back end. Nice long finish to this wine.

This was a nice surprise from Colio. Very nice wine worth taking a look at. Easy to find at any of their retail stores or at the LCBO.

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