Pelee Island Pink 2008, Ontario VQA

Rose Rose
Ontario, Canada

$9.45 (529354)

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Deep strawberry red colour; aromas and flavours of rhubarb, tart raspberry and strawberry preserves; dry, medium bodied with good concentration and fine acidity and length.

Serving Suggestion
Picnic fare, summer salads, salmon, paella and other fish dishes.

3.0 Stars
April 04, 2008

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Community Reviews (2)

Sarah  Wiebe
Sarah Wiebe

Excellent sipping wine

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Richard Strazds
Richard Strazds

The colour is an unnatural candy cotton/nail polish pink which is both fun and scary. It has a very mild scent so you really have to stuff your nose into the glass to get a good wiff. For the taste it is highly overrated. The winery has much better wines than this one.

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