Altaïr Red 2004, Cachapoal Valley

Red Blend Red Blend

$49.00 (38430)

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  • 4.84.8

Nov 22, 2008

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Allan Kam
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Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter

A really unique blend (mostly Cabernet Sauvignon with some Syrah and a teensy bit of Carmenére). Nice dark purple with complex aromas of dark fruit, oak/vanilla, herbs. Still young, this is smooth, full bodied and quite delicious. Tons of fruit and plenty of oak and lots of smooth tannin but all in good balance. Long finish.

I found these on sale at Crossroads LCBO for around $54. A fair price for this quality. I wouldn't open another for a few more years.

The '05s are available now and should be equally good, if not better.

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