Donnachiara Irpinia Aglianico 2008, Doc

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Campania, Italy

$18.95 (262956)

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3.5 Stars
January 05, 2013

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Mike de Maria
Mike de Maria

This is certainly on the savoury side of things. I didn't find the nose to be 'flagrantly' aromatic relative to other wines, but not having tasted many Aglianicos, perhaps this qualifies as flagrant for the varietal. Quite closed at first, it took a while to open up (a good hour). Leathery and floral notes dominate, dark fruits, meat and a hint of juniper on the nose. It tastes fruitier than the nose, with black fruits (currants) dominating with fennel, leather, and meaty tastes adding complexity. The finish gives you some oak complexities with some caramel on the end.

3.5 Stars3.5 Stars
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John Moon
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Wine 4  Me
Wine 4 Me

I love aglianico, but this left me a bit cold. Leathery and burnt woods notes alone with slightly sour red fruits. A bit dull on the palate, though this does work bettter with food. Purchased in Buffalo for $14.99. Tasted Feb 2015.

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