Musella Vigne Nuove Valpolicella Superiore 2009, Docg

Valpolicella Valpolicella
Veneto, Italy

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November 24, 2012

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Paul Forget
Paul Forget

I seldom purchase Valpolicella, I find them light and a bit pedestrian with little flavour or structure, but this little over-achiever blew me away. On the nose such exquisite aromatics with flavours of red cherry, plum, rhubarb, vanilla, slightly spicy with light cedar notes. On the mouthfeel, medium bodied, fresh ripe fruit, spicy with crisp acidity and fine silky tannins. The finish is very refreshing with a good mixture of sweet and sour fruit, ending with fine silky tannins, adding weight and structure to the whole package. This is an easy drinking wine, unpretentious, of great value and delicious. Strongly recommended.

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Allan Miller
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