Casal Thaulero Sangiovese 2011, Terre Di Chieti, Abruzzo

Sangiovese Sangiovese
Abruzzo, Italy

$7.45 (588996)

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Medium to deep ruby colour; cherry aromas with notes of espresso; dry, medium bodied with juicy cherry flavours, firm structure and medium tannins on the finish.

Serving Suggestion
Beef stroganov, roast beef or a meaty lasagne

2.5 Stars

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Community Reviews (3)

Francois Botha
Francois Botha

Raspberry, herbs, coffee, and meatiness on the nose. Slightly green tannins on this medium-bodied with a good amount of fruit to sustain it. Excellent value at this price point.

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Jamil Rahemtula
2.5 Stars2.5 Stars
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Jason LeBlanc
Jason LeBlanc

Great wine, great price, great value, all around greatness

4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
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