Château Du Donjon Grande Tradition Minervois 2009, Ac

Red Blend Red Blend
Languedoc-Roussillon, France

$12.95 (275578)

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2.5 Stars
July 07, 2012

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Chris Flanagan
Chris Flanagan

Dark, Intense, dried fruit nose. On the palate a rush of prune, plumb and fig. This wine finishes long, down the center to the tip. Legs suggest high alcohol yet well blanced. Excellent value!. Cant wait to try again in a couple years! Buy enough to cellar!

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Robert Kischuk
Robert Kischuk

I'm with JS and Chris Flanagan on this one; I won't be redundant.

Incredible value at $13...I will try to snag a few more and serve it to friends who are skittish about 'big' southern Rhone-style reds. (Midi seems to be bargain central for these varietals).

The candied notes are indeed present, but this feature may attract people to the 'real deal' Rhones/CdP''s....a 'gateway' wine...?

3.5 Stars3.5 Stars
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