Tamanohikari Omachi Junmai Dai Ginjō, Kyoto Kinki Region (300ml)

Sake Sake
Japan, World

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Refined and elegant sake made with the famed and noble “Omachi”, (the pinot noir of rice) with an incredibly full, balanced and well-rounded taste. Clear in colour with nice tears and refined aromas of soft plum, cherry blossom and vanilla. Palate hits with plum, cherry, soft berries, “koji” caramel and a nice spicy tail on the finish. Mouth-feel is clean, crisp, very smooth and even a little soft. Complete, integration between the weight of acidity and sweetness, it should be enjoyed slightly chilled, at around 10ºC, or warmed no more than 42ºC. Score: 90 (Michael Pataran, www.WineAlign.com, Jun 2012)

3.5 Stars

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