Gekkeikan “Horin” Ultra Premium Dai Ginjō, Kyoto, Kansai Region (300ml)

Sake Sake
Japan, World

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A slight yellow-chartreuse tinge indicating a bit of aging with bright banana, Asian pear, watermelon, honeydew, “soft” koji, hint of bubblegum and fresh yeast – biggest impact on a saké aroma. Banana continues through the palate with notes of soft pear, crab apple and muscat. Nice soft opening with a light and unassuming mid palate. It further opens to a pleasant-fresh fruit flavour and a long subtle finish. This is great sake for spring with a nice alcohol to fruit balance. Great to pear with white fleshed sashimi – a marvelous composition of skilled Nihonshu making! Score: 91 (Michael Pataran,, Jun 2012)

4.0 Stars

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