Umani Ronchi Montipagano Montepulciano D'abruzzo 2010, Doc

Montepulciano Montepulciano
Abruzzo, Italy

$13.95 (134585)

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  • 4.34.3

May 26, 2012

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Tyler Philp
Tyler Philp

From the Adriatic coast of Italy, this is a shinning example of the potential for organic wine. It’s also only $14! Normally, better organic products run well in to the $30 range. Expect blueberry and blackberry followed by a hint of bell pepper and then on to a cranberry tartness. Juicy acidity and softer tannins will pair perfectly with lunch on the patio: think bbq chicken and pork. The perceived sweetness will keep you coming back for more. Tasted June 2012.

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Allan Miller
Allan Miller

Hard to find a better organic wine at this price.


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Wine 4  Me
Wine 4 Me

Simple red, with red cherry and cranberry fruit and no oak to speak of. Not much depth or length here to my palate. Actually, a bit boring. Oh well, it was only $14. Drink now. Tasted June 2012.

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