Velenosi Querci'antica Lacrima Di Morro D'alba 2010, Doc

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Marche, Italy

$13.95 (268128)

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March 31, 2012

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LCBO old world Wine appreciation- Italy Wine#5/8
This is an incredible dessert wine- smells like rose and tastes like turkish delight and lychee. this will definitely be on the repeat purchase list- definitely ready to drink as is and perfect for a date night, a glass by yourself on a night you want to pamper yourself.

wow! incredibly aromatic with a deep purple/scarlet colour- young and intense
rich and juicy- front end loaded with round dry finish. great value!
-this grape has a ot of character- i can understand if not everyone will enjoy it- but worth finding out!

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Wow, this is really unlike any other wine I've tasted. Smells like roses and is a bit fizzy. It's certainly a lot of fun. - 88 - tasted June 2012

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