Wayne Gretzky Estates No. 99 Cabernet Merlot 2008, Niagara Peninsula

Cabernet/Merlot Cabernet/Merlot
Ontario, Canada

$15.95 (75689)

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The new vintage does a good job of building in some oak complexity around the slightly green, currant-like fruit. Attractive nutmeg and mocha-coffee notes. It’s light to mid-weight and quite smooth, with a sweet and sour character. Some drying tannin but flavourful; a touch sweet. Drinkable now. Very good length.

3.0 Stars

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Thomas Tiveron
Thomas Tiveron

A very easy drinking and well balanced red. The aroma is strong of fruit tones, mainly berries (red and black) and some plum. A slight smokey note, as well.

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I thought this wine would shut out my taste buds, but it put THAT opinion in the penalty box!

There's no game seven with this wine, It sweeps with flavor!

After drinking this, I had to crosscheck to make sure this was indeed Wayne Gretzky winery, it truly is a Great One!

My goal was to buy a great wine, and I appreciate the great assist from the wine rack staff. I plan on drinking this wine for at least the next twenty seasons of my life.

It's my MVP! (Most Valuable Provision!)

Helpful tips:
- Put it in the fridge not freezer to prevent icing

Anybody who doesn't like this wine is way offside! One sip of this wine and you'll never want to take an intermission from it again!

This wine will definitely make it to the cup.

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