Maison Audebert & Fils Domaine Du Grand Clos Bourgueil 2007, Ac

Cabernet Franc Cabernet Franc
Loire, France

$16.95 (664789)

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2.5 Stars
December 10, 2011

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Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter

Did not like this at all. It had an overwhelming green leafiness to both it's nose and palate. Very old-school. It's certainly distinct, interesting even, but not at all my thing. If French Cabernet Franc is what you're after, spend a few extra bucks and get a Chinon.

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Nicely made wine. The colour is light purple leaning towards orange. The nose is a bit closed, but offers mulberry, potpourri, berries, earthy soil (manure). Tastes of berries with minerality notes (baked rocks). Nice clean finish with quality tannins.

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