Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Docg

Sparkling White Sparkling White
Veneto, Italy

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August 06, 2011

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Edward Rasiulis
Edward Rasiulis

Light straw in colour with a good amount of mousse & medium intensity. Nose shows peach, pears, green apples, lime & minerality. Taste is dry, medium+ acidity, medium+ length, medium minus body & balanced. This Prosecco is drier than your average Prosecco & more complex. It taste like a lighter Cava. Notes on the palate are as the nose with the lime being more dominant in the back of the throat. Drink now on its own or pair it with a cheese & tomato omelet.

Tasted 28 Aug 11.

Score: 8.5+/10, Value: 8.5+/10, Total: 17.5/20

Out of 5 stars, I rated this wine: 3.5

3.5 Stars3.5 Stars
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