Warre's Otima 20 Year Old Port, Doc Douro

Port Port

$39.95 (682716)

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May 28, 2011

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Tyler Philp
Tyler Philp

I’ve been drinking this barrel-aged port for several years but have always had to purchase out-of-province so it’s nice to finally see the 20-year Warre’s at the LCBO. Next to Kopke, Warre’s is the oldest brand of port; I believe the house was established in 1670! This wine shows a lovely nose of figs, raisin, and apricot. A slight orange-peel tang greets you on the palate but it quickly fades in the glass to show that great tawny smoothness. You’ll enjoy this! (northof9finewine.com, May 2011)

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Chris L
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