Frescobaldi Castelgiocondo Brunello Di Montalcino 2005

Brunello Brunello
Tuscany, Italy

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Also available in 375ml

This wine is featured in Episode #2.10 of our "So, You Think You Know Wine?" video series.

4.0 Stars
November 13, 2010

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Dan Trcka
Dan Trcka

The 2005 Castelgiocondo Brunello Di Montalcino, which has been aged in oak for 36 months, is light bodied with intense aromas of integrated red berries, cedar and vanilla. It is somewhat disjoint as the tannins (tannic - decant for half to full hour), the intense aromas, the light body and the short to medium finish do not reinforce each other. I would not age this wine as it will only loose complexity. My impression: NOTHING SPECIAL to NICE, 88.5 - not a recommended buy. Tasted Nov/10.

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