Cuvée Du Vatican Châteauneuf Du Pape 2007, Ac

Rhone South Rhone-South
Rhone, France

$38.95 (719120)

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3.5 Stars
May 01, 2010

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Tesh B
Tesh B

Apparently, rated as on of the more modest chateauneuf du pape, this wine still spoke volumes at the dinner table, accompanying steak and salad.

The nose was full of ripe berries and cherries. The dark colour and lingering legs make it a wine you can play with and enjoy.

Decanting did enhance the flavour by softening the rigid tannins that were previously present

The tongue was reminiscent of concentrated ripe fruit, laced with cassis and oak.

The finish was not anything to write home about, but was pleasant nonetheless.

A bit expensive for what you get, but that aside, a nice wine

3.5 Stars3.5 Stars
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